3 months old.

Here is baby Zoë at 3 months. We shot a few outside with the cherry blossoms, and her expression says a lot about how much she enjoys being outdoors in March weather 🙂


Family portrait session at green lake.

Black and white baby pictures



Destination Wedding in Cancun Mexico – Day 1

The only way I can think of to post all the pictures from this wedding is to do an epic 3 part post. There were simply to many great pictures!

Since a destination wedding requires the client to fly us down to the location and cover lodging for a few days, we like to give them a little something extra, and do some pre-wedding portraits of everyone. It’s a great way to get some relaxed portraits and take advantage of picturesque locations you might not want to go to on the wedding day. We also caught a few of everyone hanging out around the pool, and then shot the rehearsal party.

A bride and groom pose on the beach before their wedding at the Beach Palace Resort.

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Family Portraits at Greenlake

Favorite shot from a recent family portrait session at Greenlake. Summer is a great time for Christmas Card photo shoots, while the weather is still nice, hint hint 🙂 A lot of people tend to wait until fall to think about it, but then the weather is typically not so great for pictures.



Here’s a few from Ruby’s recent portrait session. Her parents Justin and Laura are wedding clients from a few years ago, and wanted to do a little portrait session for valentines day cards. Super cute right!